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Document Shredding for Waltham, Massachusetts

Waltham MA residents and small businesses have trusted Neighborhood Parcel to handle all their sensitive documents and computer media for over a decade! Unlike the other big out-of-state corporations, we are a locally owned and operated shredding company offering some of the lowest shredding rates in the Waltham MA area. Neighborhood Parcel offers a shredding service plan for every budget! While maintaining your document and data security, we take no shortcuts and have the most stringent chain of custody in the industry.

Shredding Service Features

  • Selection: Drop-off Or Off-Site Shredding Service Plan.
  • HIPAA Complaint Service.
  • 100% Recycling of all collected material.
  • Secure Media and computer disks and tapes destruction service.
  • No preparation needed: staples, clips, bindings, and covers can be shred along with paper
  • Convenient Drop-off service for maximum savings.
  • Notarized Certificates of Destruction.
  • Low Rates from 89 Cents /Lbs.
Lunenburg MA Shredding Company

Waltham MA area business professionals don’t realize that there are much more vulnerable sources of information that many companies leave exposed and ripe for the picking when they simply throw old documents in recycling bins. While many focus their attention on cybersecurity and IT system firewalls, paper documents and computer media go unprotected or ignored.

Destroying old data and sensitive documents is not just a good idea to avoid being legally responsible for breaches. There are state and federal laws such as HIPAA and FACTA that require businesses in Massachusetts to protect personal information and that often means shredding it to be in compliance and avoid legal penalties and fines.

Why Shred Your Documents?

  • Compliance with the law.
  • Avoid HIPAA violations and fines.
  • Protect you and your customers from identity theft.
  • Save time, money, and your reputation!
  • Office shredders are, costly, messy, and time-consuming.
  • Keep your employees productive by outsourcing your shredding needs.
  • Your customers expect you to protect their data and privacy.
  • All shredded documents are 100% recycled.

To learn more about our shredding services in Waltham, Massachusetts, contact our file shredding specialists here at (978)636-0301 or request a free shredding quote

About Waltham MA

Waltham has several buildings throughout the town depicting early American history. The city is known for its watchmaking history and visit American Waltham Watch Company Historic District to explore millions of timepieces. The city has renowned learning institutions, museums, art galleries, theaters, parks, outdoor farmers’ markets, and elite restaurants, bars, and pubs.

Visit the red-brick Federal-style Gore Place, Charles River Museum, Robert Treat Paine Estate, Lyman Estate, and other stately homes and grounds on your trip to Waltham Massachusetts. 

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Boston Document Shredder Editor
In today’s digital age, the risk of identity theft and consumer fraud looms larger than ever, especially when outdated personal and confidential documents are carelessly discarded into household trash. This oversight has fueled an alarming rise in identity theft, transforming it into a widespread epidemic across Massachusetts communities. Recognizing the urgent need for proactive measures, we spearhead Community Shredding events in key locations like Boston and Lowell, MA, where our influence is palpable. Our Community Shredding events are meticulously designed to offer individuals a secure platform to dispose of their sensitive documents. By providing off-site shredding services free of charge, we empower community members to protect their personal information effectively. These events gain additional credibility and reach through partnerships with local media, law enforcement, and government bodies, ensuring a broad impact and heightened awareness around the issue of document security. Beyond these community initiatives, we are committed to making residential shredding services both accessible and affordable. Our competitive pricing plans are crafted with the consumer in mind, ensuring that safeguarding personal information doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Take a decisive step towards securing your private documents and preventing identity theft. Schedule your shredding service with us today by calling (978) 636-0301, and join us in our mission to fortify our communities against the threat of consumer fraud and identity theft.