Document Shredding Services


bankers boxes shredded


Convenient Drop-off service, rates from 89₵ /Lbs.

medical files shredding service

Medical Shredding

Shred your PHI, Medical X-rays in compliance with HIPAA Rules.

Shred Patient's Xray Medical Files

Witnessed Shredding

Witnessed Your Documents Shredded in Real-time.

Proper destruction of sensitive Business data and media is an imperative task. That’s because companies are producing more information than ever. While the number of new privacy and information disposal laws at the federal and state levels have grown exponentially. A single instance of unauthorized access to information could have significant consequences, from loss of brand or revenue to the loss of market share and more importantly customer trust. The negative PR alone is a high risk that can cause your company time, money and impact future earnings.

To help businesses and local residents keep their private documents and sensitive material away from the wrong hands, we offer a wide range of document and media destruction solutions: off-site and drop-off secure shredding services that are both secure and affordable. Partnering with us for your secure document shredding helps you not only gain a range of benefits that prepare you to meet the challenges of information privacy. It will also allow you to comply with State and Federal Privacy laws

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