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Welcome to our “Compare Us” page, where we take a closer look at what sets apart from competitors like UPS Stores, Staples, and Shredit. When it comes to protecting your sensitive information, choosing the right shredding service provider is crucial. Here’s why is the superior choice for your document destruction needs.

Personalized Service

  • We pride ourselves on offering personalized, attentive service to each client. Whether you’re a small business or an individual, we tailor our shredding solutions to meet your specific needs, ensuring you receive the most efficient and effective service possible.
  • Competitors: Larger chains and some industry players often take a one-size-fits-all approach, lacking the personalized touch and flexibility many clients seek.

Security and Compliance

  • Security is our top priority. We adhere to the strictest industry standards, ensuring that all shredding services are HIPAA compliant and follow privacy laws meticulously. Our secure chain of custody and notarized Certificate of Destruction provide you with peace of mind and documented assurance that your documents have been properly destroyed.
  • Competitors: While competitors may offer shredding services, their processes and compliance measures often do not match the rigorous standards we set at, potentially leaving gaps in the security of your sensitive information.

Pricing Transparency

  • We believe in transparent, upfront pricing without hidden fees. Our clients appreciate knowing exactly what they’re paying for, ensuring there are no surprises when it comes to billing.
  • Competitors: Other providers, including UPS Stores and Staples, may have less transparent pricing structures, with added costs that aren’t immediately apparent, leading to higher-than-expected service fees.

Eco-Friendly Practices

  • Environmental responsibility is integral to our operations. We ensure that all shredded documents are recycled, contributing to sustainability efforts and reducing waste.
  • Competitors: While some competitors may offer recycling, the commitment to eco-friendly practices across all operations can vary, making it harder for clients to contribute positively to environmental sustainability.

Convenience and Accessibility

  • Offering both drop-off and off-site shredding services, we provide unparalleled convenience to our clients. Our easy scheduling and local presence make it simple for you to access secure shredding services without disrupting your day.
  • Competitors: Traditional brick-and-mortar stores like UPS Stores and Staples might offer shredding services, but they can lack the convenience and flexibility of scheduling that we provide. Companies like Shredit may not always efficiently cater to smaller, more personalized requests.

Reliability and Trust

  • With over a decade of experience serving the community, we’ve built a reputation for reliability and trust. Our long-standing commitment to excellence ensures that your documents are in safe hands.
  • Competitors: While recognizable brands, competitors might not offer the same level of dedication and community trust, especially in tailored document destruction services.

Choosing means opting for a service that values your privacy, understands your needs, and offers secure, compliant, and environmentally responsible shredding solutions. Unlike UPS Stores, Staples, and Shredit, we prioritize personalized service, security, and client satisfaction above all else. Visit us to experience the difference, where your documents are securely destroyed, and your peace of mind is preserved.

Best Shredding Service In Boston MA

Here are a few more reasons you should consider us for all your document shredding service needs:

  1. Locally Owned and operated company: Neighborhood Parcel has been a solid community partner for over a decade, strongly supporting our Artist and Non-Profit groups such as Food Pantry, Lazarus House, and Toys for Tots. We give back to our local community every chance we get, from holding Free shredding days to generous donations to support local causes.
  2. Low Flat Rates: Our company has low overhead costs and is independently owned, with no greedy stockholders or overcompensated CEO. We help small businesses and area residents save money and comply with MA privacy Laws. We understand your need to save money while getting a secure shredding service. No hidden fees!
  3. Local and Regional Endorsements: We have been a proud BBB and Boston North Business Chamber member since 2005. We do not mean to brag, but our Google and Yahoo reviews can speak for themselves. 90% Of our Document shredding service is built on repeat business. People who use our service are often proud to recommend us to others.
  4. Convenient Drop-Off Location: Our company offers a convenient and unique drop-off service. Customers willing to do some of the work by transporting their materials to our Tewksbury, MA, location can save money and eliminate transportation charges. It is ideal for area residents with low quantities of documents to be shredded. Rates starting 89¢ / Lbs.
  5. No Contracts: We are so confident that you will enjoy the service and the affordable rates that we know you will call us again and again! Unlike the other big company that locks you into long-term contracts loaded with hidden fees and deceiving tactics. Our company believes in honesty, integrity, and commitment to value for your money.

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Using was a game-changer for my small business. The off-site shredding plan is not only affordable but incredibly secure. I’m confident that my client’s information is in safe hands.

– Jane Wilkersen | Newton, MA

I was amazed at how easy and convenient the drop-off service was. The staff were friendly and professional, and I felt reassured knowing my personal documents were securely destroyed.

– Tim Danielson | Lowell, MA provided outstanding service from start to finish. Their commitment to security and customer satisfaction is evident, and I highly recommend their services to anyone needing secure document destruction.

– Ahmed Bara | Burlington, MA

Driver met me at the storage location on time, he was very friendly and helpful. The service was fast and as advertised, I highly recommend this service for any large purge.

– Daniel Appleton | Woburn, MA