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Document Shredding Service In Malden MA just got easier with your choice of Drop-off or Off-site shredding service through Neighborhood Parcel. Malden MA area businesses and residents can now save hundreds over the competition! Our company has over a decade of experience in the Media Destruction industry and is known for our lowest shredding service rates in the Boston MA area.

Malden MA residents who have accumulated a large volume of personal documents can now put their personal shredders aside and call the pros at Neighborhood Parcel to schedule our seven days a week residential service. Why should you waste your valuable time and money on a personal shredder when you can get the peace of mind and the security of having your personal documents shredded for as low as 89¢ /Lbs?

Shredding Choice For Malden MA

Neighborhood Parcel has been serving the Malden MA area since 2007 and we are proud of the fact that we have saved area residents and businesses thousands of dollars over the years. But don’t take our word for it, here are a few things you should know about us:

  • We are a locally owned and operated business since 2004.
  • We have an A+ Rating With the BBB of Boston MA.
  • Our Plant has A+ Rated Shredding Plant.
  • Our drivers and employees are subject to CORI and vetted to meet our security requirements.
  • We shred your documents on the Same Day.
  • Our service meets the latest HIPAA and MA Privacy Laws.
  • We offer transparent and flat Rates.
  • No Hidden Fees.

What Our Malden MA Clients Have To Say

When my Mom passed away, I was in charge of her Estate Planning and getting her house ready for sale. When I discovered the amount of mail and personal documents she had collected over the years, I knew it was too much for my personal shredder and for Bon Fire. But my biggest surprise was when I called Shredit, they quoted me something like $450 to come to the house and shred plus any additional time for handling. I was on a limited budget and I did some more research and stumbled on a blog that gave your company high ratings. The following day, I called and spoke to George, he was super nice and quoted me $265.00. I was skeptical at first but scheduled service anyway, since this was the lowest quote. The driver showed up on time and hauled everything. I paid exactly what I was quoted. That is why I am endorsing your company and will give you 5 stars for honest pricing and service.

Anita Murry Esq Essex St Malden MA

I never knew how expensive the shredding service was until I call Cintas! Luckily, my Ex-wife used your company and was able to text me your contact details. I spoke to Allen from your Tewksbury MA Office who scheduled service and I am glad I did. You had the lowest rates in Malden and I am pleased with your service. George (The Driver) was super friendly to me and my dog. He showed up on time and made sure he took everything. Big thanks

James Kudlow Malden Accounting LLC

Customers who want to save more can take advantage of our secure Drop-Off Service. A short drive from Malden MA can save you even more! Why wait for a shredding truck to show up at your location or pay 20 to 40 % in transportation and fuel surcharges? Load your old documents, medical X-rays, and old bank statements in your car and drop them off at our convenient location in Tewksbury for shredding. On average, our customers are trimming 30 to 40% off their shredding service cost. To get started, request a FREE SHREDDING QUOTE or Call (978)636-0301

About Malden MA

Malden is a city in Middlesex County, Massachusetts, United States. At the time of the 2010 United States Census, the population was at 59,450 people. In 2009, Malden was named the Best Place to Raise Your Kids in Massachusetts by Bloomberg Businessweek.

Malden, a hilly woodland area north of the Mystic River, was settled by Puritans in 1640 on land purchased in 1629 from the Pennacook tribe and a further grant in 1639 by the Squaw Sachem of Mistick and her husband, Webcowet. The area was originally called the “Mistick Side” and was a part of Charlestown. It was incorporated as a separate town in 1649 under the name “Mauldon”. 

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In today’s digital age, the risk of identity theft and consumer fraud looms larger than ever, especially when outdated personal and confidential documents are carelessly discarded into household trash. This oversight has fueled an alarming rise in identity theft, transforming it into a widespread epidemic across Massachusetts communities. Recognizing the urgent need for proactive measures, we spearhead Community Shredding events in key locations like Boston and Lowell, MA, where our influence is palpable. Our Community Shredding events are meticulously designed to offer individuals a secure platform to dispose of their sensitive documents. By providing off-site shredding services free of charge, we empower community members to protect their personal information effectively. These events gain additional credibility and reach through partnerships with local media, law enforcement, and government bodies, ensuring a broad impact and heightened awareness around the issue of document security. Beyond these community initiatives, we are committed to making residential shredding services both accessible and affordable. Our competitive pricing plans are crafted with the consumer in mind, ensuring that safeguarding personal information doesn’t have to be a financial burden. Take a decisive step towards securing your private documents and preventing identity theft. Schedule your shredding service with us today by calling (978) 636-0301, and join us in our mission to fortify our communities against the threat of consumer fraud and identity theft.