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Award-winning Media Destruction Service

Whether you use a home shredder or a professional service to shred your documents, the biggest difference between the two is the security of your information. While both have the same goal of security, a professional shredder ensures that your data remains private. Many people fail to realize how much personal information their paperwork contains. Pay stubs, travel itineraries, and even junk mail can contain personal details. When these documents are shredded properly, you can rest assured that no one will have access to them.

Residential Shredding Service

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Off-Site Service

Most affordable option Vs Mobile shredding service. We haul your material to our plant where our industrial shredders go to work!

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Bulk Purge

Having a large volume of boxes to shred is no challenge! Our industrial shredders have a high capacity for fast processing of the material.

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Media Destruction

Your old computer and media storage can have plenty of sensitive documents that we will destroy to keep your data safe.

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Drop-Off Service

Bring Your Documents to our office to maximize your savings. Eliminate transportation costs and fuel surcharges.

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Medical Documents

Shred your old medical files and X-rays for fraction of the cost others charge. Our shredding service is HIPAA Compliant

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Witness Shredding

Sensitive documents can be shredded at our office that ultimate peace of mind knowing your documents are shredded in front of you

Residential Shredding

Why would anyone want to waste their time in front of a slow shredder that jams, and overheats every 10 Mins? Our professional shredding service has proven to save you time and money. Residents from Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire have trusted us for over a decade to shred their old files.






Witnessed document shredding

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