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Methods of Document Destruction

There are a number of different methods of destruction appropriate for the different media on which the records are stored. To properly destroy Media and Documents, the following processes are required:

Paper records:
Paper Shredding Process
The security provided by the shredding of records depends on how fine the paper is shredded. Cross shredding may be needed for particularly sensitive documents. Shredded paper may be pulped and recycled, or may be used for insulation or other purposes.

Pulping Process
Pulped paper is reduced to its constituent fibres. If carried out correctly, it is a very secure method of destruction. Pulped paper is usually recycled.

Burning Process
Records should only be burnt if there is no environmentally friendly method of destruction available. Records should be burned in accordance with any environmental guidelines and local burning restrictions. Densely packed paper does not burn well, so burning should be undertaken in an industrial facility (not in a ‘backyard’ incinerator).

Important: Burying is not an appropriate method of destruction. The records are not destroyed immediately and may take months or even years to break down. Records that are buried may also be uncovered within hours or days of being buried.

Electronic/magnetic media
Magnetic Media
Records stored on magnetic media can be “bulk erased” by subjecting them to a strong magnetic field. For secure destruction magnetic media can be reformatted. Backup copies of the records also need to be destroyed. The media can then be reused. Note: just deleting does not remove data from magnetic media and is therefore not sufficient for the destruction of records.

Optical Media:
Records held on optical media can be destroyed by cutting, crushing, or other physical means of destruction. Rewritable optical disks should also be reformatted before being disposed of or re-used.

Hard drives:
Hard drives of personal computers and servers should be reformatted before computers are disposed of.

Important: Do not just delete files from electronic media such as floppy disks, rewritable optical disks and hard disks, as the information can be recovered.

Non-Electronic and non-paper media:
Videos, cinematographic film and microforms (microfilm/ fiche/ aperture cards/ x-rays) can be destroyed by shredding, cutting, crushing or chemical recycling.”

Media Destruction
Document destruction Destruction
Paper Shredding
Off Site Shredding

Our  Secured Destruction Area is devoted to destroying media and documents only. The restricted area is alarmed and under closed circuit internal video security at all times. Entrance is strictly controlled and the area is always locked. Management confirms the inbound material received to confirm receipt, proper quantity and any special instructions. Confidential document carts are staged in the order they are received and destroyed within 24 business hours. Our Customers are issued a Certificate of Destruction confirming that their documents have been physically destroyed in accordance with BNBA Association for Information Destruction and HIPAA standards. Call us today to get a Free quote and see how we can help you comply with Massachusetts Privacy Laws and HIPAA: (978) 636 – 0301

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