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Andover MA residents and businesses can use our secure media destruction service to remove old documents, X-rays, and Medical files safely and within HIPAA requirements. Whether you’re looking to shred your documents or you’re interested in document destruction services for your business, you can find the right document shredding services to suit your needs in Andover MA. There are many options available, including Residential service and off-site shredding services. You’ll also find that many businesses and organizations have contract agreements with document destruction companies to shred documents for them, including Time Shred Services.

Shredding Service In Andover MA

Whether you are a small business owner or a large corporation looking for a shredding service in Andover MA, Neighborhood Parcel shredding Services has the expertise and the pizazz to take care of your document shredding needs. The company also offers a full suite of services from hard drives and paper shredding to data destruction. They are able to help you design the ideal shredding program for your business or budget.

Whether you are a business owner or an individual living in Andover MA, you may be wondering where to shred documents. The best place to shred documents is at a professional document destruction service. These companies are equipped to shred hundreds of pounds of paper and media. They can also handle cardstock, plastic, and cardboard.

There are two types of shredding services, on-site and off-site. On-site shredding is more secure than off-site shredding. You can schedule a pickup at your office or home. The company will bring a mobile shredding machine to your location. It may cost more for off-site shredding services, depending on the distance. However, it is usually a better option if you have several hundred pounds of paper to shred. Neighborhood Parcel offers a well-balanced service portfolio that you will find both secure and affordable. To request a quote, please call (978)636-0301 or Book Online.

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Shredding Service In Andover MA

History Of The Town Of Andover MA

Native Americans inhabited what is now northeastern Massachusetts for thousands of years prior to European colonization of the Americas. At the time of European arrival, Massachusett and Naumkeag people inhabited the area south of the Merrimack River and Pennacooks inhabited the area to the north. The Massachusett referred to the area that would later be renamed Andover as Cochichawick. Cochichawick was transferred to English Settlers on May 16th, 1649 by the Sagamore of the Massachusett, Cutshamache. He sold the land known as Cochichawick to Mr. John Woodbrige for the price of 6 pounds and a coat, which he had already received, as well as an agreement that the Massachusett people be allowed to catch Alewives in the Cochichawick river.

Records show that on the morning of April 19, 1775, approximately 350 Andover men marched toward Lexington. Although they did not arrive in time for the battle that day, they did go on to participate in the battle of Bunker Hill two months later and fought in subsequent skirmishes with the Redcoats during the war.

Among the Andover men who were representatives to the Massachusetts Constitutional Convention of 1779–1780 were Colonel Samuel Osgood, Zebadiah Abbot, John Farnum, and Samuel Phillips Jr. Phillips—who had founded Phillips Academy in 1778—was later appointed by John Adams to help draft the Massachusetts state constitution. During the burning of Charlestown (June 17, 1775) Andover townspeople hiked to the top of Holt Hill to witness it. Holt Hill is the highest point in Essex County at 420 ft (130 m) and is currently part of the Charles W. Ward Reservation

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