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Document shredding service in Shrewsbury MA. Using an off-site or on-site shredding service is a good way to ensure the security of your business’s most sensitive information. When you shred documents, you are preventing fraud, identity theft, and data breaches. Off-site shredding is the most secure way to dispose of your business’s old paper records in Shrewsbury MA. In addition, on-site shredding is the most convenient option.

Off-site shredding is a service offered by a company with a mobile truck that is equipped with an industrial shredder. The shredder can shred documents in front of your office, or your company can provide the space for it to operate. The shredder is equipped with a closed-circuit monitor, which enables the company to shred confidential information at the touch of a button. Off-site shredding, on the other hand, is performed in a controlled plant-based shredding facility. These facilities use industrial-grade shredders that can shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper an hour. In the case of off-site shredding, you may not even have to pay a hefty fee to receive the service. If you are looking to reduce your office clutter, off-site shredding may be for you.

Document Shredding In Shrewsbury MA

Keeping a secure chain of custody from collection to destruction when using shredding services ensures the security of your business. When you are transferring sensitive data such as financial account information or names and addresses, you have an ethical obligation to keep it safe. If you don’t protect it properly, you could end up breaking the law. This could lead to lawsuits, identity theft, and loss of revenue.

A chain of custody is a paper trail that provides a detailed description of how data was collected, stored, destroyed, and shared. It can help prove compliance with state and federal privacy laws and prevent fines. Chain of custody is an important part of the document destruction process, especially in light of the introduction of the EU General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) last May. The GDPR requires businesses to provide evidence of a paper trail to show how their data has been handled. This paper trail is also useful in legal proceedings. Chain of custody helps provide visibility into the document destruction process, providing a clear paper trail that can be reviewed in the event of an audit. It also helps document the organization’s compliance with state and federal privacy laws.

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History Of The Town Of Shrewsbury MA

The Town of Shrewsbury, named after Shrewsbury, England, is a suburban community with an uneven and hilly terrain cut by a number of minor streams providing several small water power sites. Grants of land were made in what would eventually be the town beginning in 1664, with the 3,200-acre (13 km2) grant called Haynes Farm as the largest. In 1664 Native American leader, Peter Jethro, and other Nipmuc Indians deeded land around Lake Quinsigamond to settlers in the area.[1] Settlers came primarily from Sudbury and Marlborough, and the first permanent settler was Gersham Wheelock in 1720. As a town, Shrewsbury was first settled in 1722 and officially incorporated in 1727.

Townspeople created an agricultural economy with apple orchards, and by 1750, there were two stores and four taverns as well as several small industries in operation. The rapid fall of prices for agricultural goods, the shortage of hard currency, and the general economic depression following the¬†Revolutionary War¬†produced disastrous conditions for colonists.¬†Shays’ Rebellion¬†in 1786 sought to close the courts to prevent debt collections and the foreclosure of mortgages. Shrewsbury became a staging area for the rebellion and the encampment of the more than 400 insurgents, before the march on the¬†Worcester Court House.

A leather industry began in 1786 in Shrewsbury, and town farmers developed large cattle herds to support the manufacture of boots and shoes. This was followed by the establishment of gunsmithing operations in 1797, which produced rifles, shotguns and pistols, and eventually cutlery. Luther Goddard began in 1809 by making brass clocks and then established a small watch factory employing a few skilled Swiss and English watchmakers. Lumbering created sawmills, and they in turn drew chair and cabinet makers, plow, and wagon builders.

The development of streetcar routes in the 19th century propelled the growth of single-family housing in town. A summer resort population on¬†Lake Quinsigamond¬†became consumers of the market garden produce grown by town farmers. As Shrewsbury’s industry was killed by the lack of large waterpower sites and the tardy arrival of the railroad, its role as a suburb of Worcester grew more important. The town’s population doubled from 1915 to 1940 as continued¬†streetcar suburb¬†growth brought more modern settlers into the community. Other modern developments included an increased number of lakeside cottages, ethnic clubs, and recreational areas on the lake.

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