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For local Fitchburg MA paper shredding services, choose a trusted partner to clear out your paper headaches quickly and affordably. Neighborhood Parcel is happy to help you clear the clutter and shred your old documents for rates as low as 89¢ /Lbs. All paper is recycled by our experienced, reputable, and environmentally compliant paper shredding service in Fitchburg MA. Paper shredding service in Fitchburg is available via pick up or drop off at any number of convenient locations.

  • Office Paper Shredding Service.
  • Residential Document shredding service.
  • Bulk paper shredding and purges.

If you’re considering a paper shredding service, here are 3 general types that fit most needs: One-time purge service in Fitchburg MA If permanent destruction is what you’re looking for, our partners offer NAID & HIPPA Compliant Certificates of Destruction. Many will also allow you to physically view the destruction of your documents for total peace of mind. Scheduled paper shredding service For many businesses, increased frequency is the only way to keep the boxes of paper from closing in around you. Ongoing paper shredding services in Fitchburg can be a convenient way to tackle your paper destruction needs and require no long-term commitments. If your needs change, you can pause or cancel your service at any time.

Shredding Service In Fitchburg MA

Whether you are in the market for document shredding or simply need to throw away an unwanted product, you should consider mobile shredding services. These services are convenient, fast, and affordable. They are a good way to keep your business in compliance with privacy laws. The best part about mobile shredding is that you don’t have to worry about your sensitive documents getting into the wrong hands. In most cases, a shredding truck comes to your location and destroys the documents in a sealed compartment. You can watch the process as it happens.

A mobile shredding unit is a self-contained unit that is powered by diesel fuel. It comes with a large shredder that can destroy paper, DVDs, hard drives, and CDs. It also comes with a secure container to store sensitive information before the shredding process begins. When you choose mobile shredding, you can schedule a visit as needed. Most services come equipped with a scanner. This allows them to scan documents for secret messages and decipher them before they are shredded.

History Of The City Of Fitchburg MA

Fitchburg was first settled in by Europeans in 1730 as part of Lunenburg and was officially set apart from that town and incorporated in 1764. The area was previously occupied by the Nipmuc tribe. It is named for John Fitch, one of the committees that procured the act of incorporation. In July 1748 Fitch and his family, living in this isolated spot, were abducted to Canada by Native Americans but returned the next year.

Fitchburg is situated on both the Nashua River and a railroad line. The original Fitchburg Railroad ran through the Hoosac Tunnel, linking Boston and Albany, New York. The tunnel was built using the Burleigh Rock Drill, designed and built in Fitchburg. Fitchburg was a 19th-century industrial center. Originally operated by water power, large mills produced machines, tools, clothing, paper, and firearms. The city is noted for its architecture, particularly in the Victorian style, built at the height of its mill town prosperity. A few examples of these 19th-century buildings are the Fay Club, the old North Worcester County Courthouse, and the Bullock house. As the city is one of Worcester County’s two shire towns, it has hosted the Northern Worcester County Registry of Deeds, established in 1903, and the county jail on Water Street. The 1961 film Return to Peyton Place was filmed in Fitchburg.

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