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This is the best value for residential shredding service in the area! Why spend endless hours in front of your expensive shredder when you can bring your old documents to Neighborhood Parcel for professional-grade shredding service? Local Accountants, Attorneys, Medical Firms have been trusted for decades to handle their sensitive documents. You can too!

Neighborhood Parcel of Tewksbury MA can help you shred your old tax filings, bank statements, mortgage documents, legal files, and anything piece of paper bearing your name and address. Our residential shredding service is the best alternative to personal shredders.

Service Plans


Drop-off Service:

Eliminate transportation charges and having to wait all day for a truck to show up, shred your documents for as low as 89¢ /Lbs when you bring your documents to us. Chose from Drop-off & Go or Witnessed Shredding

drop off shredding service

Off-Site Service

Let us do the heavy lifting, you simply point and watch us go to work! Our shredding truck will come to your office or home and haul away your old documents safely and securely. We give an exact time of pick up so you do not have to waste your time waiting for us. Our Off-site shredding is available 7-days a week.

Not only is shredding personal documents good for securing your identity, but it can actually save you money! Residential shredding service is an affordable way to keep your old tax records and other important papers out of the wrong hands. 

Paper clutter not only makes your home less appealing but also costs you money in terms of maintenance fees and time spent managing things. Residential shredding service helps you reduce this “paper clutter” by safely disposing of all those old tax returns, insurance forms, bank statements, and medical records that are taking up space. At 89 Cents /Lbs., residential document shredding is a very affordable solution to help remove files that you no longer need.

Shredded documents are often used as landfill filler or as recycling material. Residential shredding service is an environmentally friendly way to remove those old documents from your home. In some cases, you can even get tax deductions for the cost of residential document shredding!

How To Shred Personal Documents

Residential Document Shredding Service (89 Cents/Lb.) has become popular with many because this method provides affordable security against identity thieves and other issues that arise when unwanted people gain access to private information like your bank account, credit card numbers, or social security number. Residential paper shredders are great tools in keeping personal documents safe because they provide protection against these worries; however, there are limitations to using only a personal-sized residential paper shredder at home. Residential paper shredders are usually smaller than commercial-sized shredders, which means that you will have to empty the container more frequently. Residential paper shredders also lack the advanced safety features of commercial-sized machines.

Residential Shredding Service Made Affordable

Residential document shredding is another option for keeping personal information safe. Residential document shredding services provide affordable security by taking care of all your old paperwork in an environmentally friendly way that prevents unwanted people from trying to gain access to your sensitive documents. Residential document shredding service is great because it allows you to get rid of all those files you no longer need, while at the same time ensuring that overzealous identity thieves won’t be able to make use of the information in them if they were successfully stolen. Residential document shredding services can be contracted to take care of your paper documents for you, or you can use a residential document shredding machine. Neighborhood Parcel is especially useful in helping individuals get rid of things like old tax returns, medical records, and personal financial information. Residential document shredding services are an affordable way to keep these sensitive papers safe from identity thieves by calling 1-978-636-0301 today!