The large volume of documents can be overwhelming for you and your office shredder. That is why you should call us to help you purge your old files, bankers’ boxes safely, securely, and within your budget. We have been helping area businesses and residents clear their garages, office storage spaces, and basements!

Using an office shredder to purge a large volume of documents is proven an unproductive and complete waste of money and time. If you do the math, a decent shredder will cost a minimum of $1,000.00, an employee shredding 30 Lbs box will spend at least 2 Hrs on this project versus shredding the same volume under $15!

Benefits Of Purging Service

  • Cost-Effective.
  • Eliminate Office Noise and Dust.
  • Reduce Employee Distractions.
  • Eliminate Employee Accessing Sensitive Materials.
  • HIPAA Compliant Service.

Purge Your Old Documents

Office documents taking up your storage space? Let us help you reduce the clutter and properly discard them. One of Neighborhood Parcel’s core values includes protecting our environment for generations to come. We all have used Office Business Centers at one time or another, either for work or school, so it makes sense that we are committed to keeping these items out of landfills.

How To Purge Old Files

The first step is to determine if the material is sensitive or classified information that should not be shredded before disposal. This means asking yourself if there is any personal, confidential, or proprietary data on the document that should not be made available for anyone’s viewing. Client data, billing documents, and company manuals are one example of information that, depending on the business or office, may contain proprietary data that must be destroyed to protect company confidentiality.

Folders, binders, and notebooks are often filled with confidential records including employee personnel files, financial records, and sales reports. Neighborhood Parcel recommends official destruction services to ensure the complete destruction of this type of material rather than placing them in recycling bins or garbage bags. We have helped several customers successfully destroy sensitive documents in order to rid their companies of non-recyclable waste while remaining within compliance guidelines.

If you think your documents should be shredded before disposal, there are two options: Shredding done on-site or off-site shredding. Our company has an Off-site shredding truck that can come to your business, home or office. It’s fast, convenient and saves you the time of having to transport any paper yourself. We also offer a complete line of high-security shredders for document destruction that are competitively priced with features like automatic start/stop technology and continuous duty operation, giving customers more for less.

Off-site shredding is another option we offer. There are many companies that provide mobile document disposal, recycling services, and even DIY options like portable units or mini bins. They will pick up your documents at your location and take them back to their secure facility where they are properly shredded and recycled. Neighborhood Parcel Business Center is an authorized FedEx, UPS dealer that is trusted for shredding services as well as a service center for most major brands.

Our company also has recycling options that fit all needs, from large volume to small. There’s no limit to the amount of paper you can recycle at our office: Boxes and reams of paper can be dropped off in stores and office supply cases across the country—for free! Neighborhood Parcel offers UPS shipping labels for using our mail-in program. If you’d like us to pick up your old computer or ink cartridge, we’ll do that too.