Medical files shredding service

Our medical shredding service is HIPAA compliant and will ensure that your client’s data will never fall in the wrong hands. Neighborhood Parcel has one of the strongest chains of custody in the industry and has been proudly serving the Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire communities for over a decade. We can help you regain your office storage space by purging all your old medical charts, X-rays, patient’s billing statements, and any old financial and legal documents in accordance with the latest HIPAA rules and guidelines. Select our convenient Drop-Off location or schedule our truck to come to your office or doorsteps.

What We Shred

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X-Ray Shredding Service

We keep your PHI documents and X-Rays safe from falling in the wrong hands. Your Patient’s records get shredded and recycled while your X-rays get incinerated. Learn about our Medical Shredding Service

Medical document shredding service

Medical Files

Your patient’s charts and medical files contain a large volume of sensitive data that needs to be protected. When it is time to shred the material, you can trust it to Neighborhood Parcel. We will get it destroyed and provide you with a Certificate of destruction.

Shredding Service In Fitchburg MA

Don’t waste your employee’s time and productivity. Let us purge all of your old documents safely and securely at a fraction of the cost of operating your pwn shredder!

How To Prepare Your Medical Documents For Services?

Medical documents and X-rays have patients’ data that is protected by HIPAA. These documents must be handled securely to avoid falling in the wrong hands. One easy way to do this is to shred them when you don’t need a copy anymore. Medical Shredding Companies can help you with this, but sometimes it’s more practical to buy your own shredder and deal with the disposal yourself. Here are the steps required:

1) Prepare a large enough stack of documents so they can all fit in the shredder without having overlapping edges that keep sticking out from the mouth of the machine or will jam it up. This also means that if you find any important information on a particular document, just skip over it and go on to the next one.

2) Turn on the shredder and hold it over a large enough trash can so the disposal is easy. In case there’s a paper jam, you won’t make a mess because if any tiny pieces of paper are stuck in between two pages, all you have to do is carefully take them out from the sides. If you rip or tear them up by pulling too hard, no problem – just continue onto the next one until they’re all shredded.

3) Once your stack is finished being shredded, empty your trash can into an exterior container instead of directly into a wastebasket that eventually gets emptied into waste bins inside your home. This reduces the chances that someone will go through household garbage to find medical documents with potentially sensitive information still attached to them.

Also, another way to use Medical Shredding Companies is to drop off a large enough box of your documents at their office so they have the contents brought out to a shredder machine and turned into tiny pieces. You can then collect it all back inside an empty box you brought along with you, or switch it for another empty one for them to reuse during the next batch of Medical Shredding. This option is more expensive but very efficient if your need for Medical Shredding Services only comes up every couple of months.

By following these steps, you will remain HIPAA compliant while also protecting yourself from identity theft by ensuring that none of your private information stays in anyone else’s hands except yours. This is a simple task that anyone can do, and Medical Shredding Services are always happy to help.

What Are The Different Methods Of Medical Shredding Services?

Methods of Medical Shredding Services:

Medical shredding companies use various methods to aid patients or doctors in disposing of medical documents that have been used up. Most commonly, these services have some sort of drop-off box mechanism where you place your items into it during regular business hours and somebody picks them up the next day using the materials for Medical Shredding purposes.

Some offices also offer Medical Shredding Online options where you can request service, including the details of what you want to be destroyed, via a website interface. The Medical Shredder Services will then handle the Material as soon as they can. You can expect these services to be fully HIPAA compliant and always handle your Material and X-rays with utmost care and respect for their sensitivity.