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Neighborhood Parcel takes the shredding industry by storm

xray shredding service company

A new Alternative to big Mobile shredding services is taking the industry by storm.

Company becomes de-facto shredding service among medical offices in the Boston, MA area:

Those seeking maximum security shredding services that are affordable, reliant, on-time, and all-around pleasant to work with, should look no further than Neighborhood Parcel. The company is becoming increasingly well known for its  shredding services as well, as it is well-versed in the numerous laws and regulations that are required in order to be compliant with HIPPA.

Healthcare professionals know critical it is to properly and responsibly destroy patient’s records in order to protect their patients privacy. Anyone working within a healthcare facility, hospital or laboratory is entrusted with an individual’s most sensitive and confidential information, which must be handled with care and compliance with HIPAA. When medical records are being discarded, it is crucial that the record destruction process also be managed with utmost care and trusted to the right company.

Medical Records Shredding Service Features

Neighborhood Parcel offers drop-off service, doesn’t require contracts, charges no minimum fees, and only bills by the minute during time spent shredding. These elements combined make for one of the most unique, fair, and competitive shredding services in existence, and the Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, Waltham, Newton, Brookline MA communities are definitely taking note.

“From the very beginning, our goal with Neighborhood Parcel has been simple: to offer a level of service that instantly captures customer loyalty,” company founder Hanson Web says. “We do this a number of ways, firstly by offering unprecedented levels of customer service, followed by a range of products and services that are extremely convenient and affordable. We’ve been extremely encouraged by the response so far, and we could not be more thankful for the wonderful community we serve.”

Whether you are destroying records that no longer need to be stored or destroying medical files that already have been digitized, the disposal has to be done securely and in accordance with the law. Neighborhood Parcel is dedicated to assisting local medical practices to properly shred and destroy any medical records that are no longer needed, including X-rays, Patients Charts and diagnosis charts in the most efficient, economical and ethical manner possible.

Those interested in learning more about Neighborhood Parcel’s hours of operation, location, and their medical shredding services, should click here: or call (978)636-0301

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