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Our Company Story:

Over the years, our company founder, Mr. Hanson Bechat accumulated a lot of documents that needed to be shredded. He was too busy to do it himself and called one of the large companies to schedule service at his home office in Boston MA. The shredding truck showed up late and service was not what he has expected. Furthermore, the invoice was not what he was quoted over the phone when he hired this “Big company”. The shredding service invoice had so many “extra” fees and to make matters worse, he was told that “the Big company” was not in the business of residential shredding. They rather focus on other “big fish”

Feeling unappreciated and deceived, Mr. Bechat started a local Document shredding service that he thought can do what “other Big Company” won’t do: Be transparent, offer flat low rates, treat customers like he wanted to be treated. That was the beginning of a successful journey into the shredding industry.

Corporate Responsibility:

Consumers frequently dispose of old personal and confidential documents in their household trash a practice which can lead to identity theft. Consumer fraud and identity theft are becoming an epidemic in our Massachusetts communities. To raise awareness and to promote prevention, we organize Community Shredding events in Boston, Tewksbury and Lowell MA where we have a presence. These events give individuals the opportunity to have their confidential documents destroyed off-site, free of charge. They are often held with the participation or endorsement from local media, law enforcement or government agencies. In addition to maintaining fair pricing plans that make residential shredding affordable to everyone.

Mission Statement:

The mission of Our Shredding Service Company is to provide a cost-effective document destruction service that protects our customer’s data and meet the demand for document security and compliance with the law.

Press Releases:

Boston Choice for Document Shredding

Shredding Service Announcement

Secure Document Shredding

Corporate Office:

Neighborhood Parcel

Document Shredding Services

1215 Main St. Tewksbury, MA 01876

Telephone Number: (978)636-0301

Locally Owned And Operated

Neighborhood Parcel goes above and beyond in providing a complete solution to media destruction for small businesses and area residents. We take pride in customizing effective destruction programs for our clients over the years, which is why we excel over our competitors in the shredding industry. A locally owned and operated network, we combine the benefits of outstanding customer service and dedication to our community with the power of a well-established and professionally managed corporate infrastructure.

Responsive Service For Any Industry

Securely shredding confidential documents by an outsourced shredding company requires trust and confidence that all documents will be destroyed safely. As a result, our customers receive a responsive, dependable service adhering to one of the highest security standards in the industry.


 I did not know how much paper I accumulated until I sold my house! But that was not surprise, the disappointing news came in when I called my local shredding company and they asked me to empty my checking out to pay for their service. I had a lot of boxes and documents in loose bags, but my boy friend suggested I contact your company. I was very impressed with the website and the fact that you had your rates published online. I booked the shredding online, the driver was friendly and the invoice was exactly what you quoted. I am very thankful for the help and mostly for the savings you provided me.

Jessica K Andover MA

I was reluctant to write to you today but I decided to write to compliment your driver who was very professional when he came in to my home office, I accidentally posted wrong number in the reservation page, he went above and beyond to find my office by using his personal smart phone to locate my company website. He took his time helping load my documents in the truck and provided me with a business card for future reference. Everything I see on the web about your company is true and you should be proud of the quality work you do on behalf of Cambridge Residents.

James L Public Accountant

Lbs Of Reduced Sulfur
Pounds Of CO2 equiv.
Tons Of Paper Recycled

Neighborhood Parcel is a fast growing shredding company. We are independently owned and operated small business in the greater Lowell, Andover, Boston, Waltham, and Worcester Massachusetts. We are an ideal alternative to the other large national shredding company. Our company provides scheduled -Off-Site paper shredding programs, as well as one time bulk clean out.

Our company staff including management is bonded, insured, drug tested annually and CORI checked.  You will never be concerned about any of our staff being in your office or interacting with your employees or clients. 

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