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December 15, 2022 in Drop Off Shredding

How to choose a reputable and secure shredding service

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Choosing a reputable and secure shredding service in Boston MA is essential for ensuring that sensitive documents are properly disposed of and confidential information is kept safe. Here are some tips for choosing the right shredding service that is both safe and HIPAA Compliant:

  1. Research the company: Before choosing a shredding service, it’s important to do some research and learn about the company’s reputation and track record. Look for a company that has been in business for a number of years and has a good reputation among its customers. Check online reviews and customer testimonials to get a sense of the company’s reliability and professionalism.
  2. Ask about shredding methods: Not all shredding methods are created equal. Some companies may use basic shredders that only cut paper into strips, while others may use industrial-grade shredders that cut paper into very small pieces. It’s important to choose a company that uses thorough shredding methods to ensure that documents are properly disposed of and cannot be reconstructed or read.
  3. Consider the company’s security measures: When hiring a shredding service, it’s essential to choose a company that takes security seriously. Look for a company that offers secure transportation of documents and has strict policies in place to prevent unauthorized access to sensitive information.
  4. Consider the company’s recycling policies: Shredding not only protects confidential information, but it can also help to protect the environment. Look for a company that offers recycling services for shredded paper, as this can help to reduce waste and minimize the environmental impact of shredding.
  5. Get a quote and compare prices: Before making a decision, it’s a good idea to get quotes from multiple companies and compare prices. Keep in mind that the cheapest option may not always be the best choice. It’s important to consider the company’s reputation, security measures, and recycling policies in addition to the cost of their services.
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Best Shredding Service In Boston MA

Hiring The Best Shredding Service In Boston MA

By following these tips, businesses and individuals can choose a reputable and secure shredding service that will properly dispose of sensitive documents and protect confidential information. Neighborhood Parcel is among the best shredding service companies in Boston MA and Southern New Hampshire. The company offers some of the lowest rates on the area and a HIPAA compliant service. Please call (978)636-0301 to get started on your next shredding job!

In conclusion, choosing a reputable and secure shredding service is essential for protecting against identity theft, data breaches, and legal penalties. By conducting research, asking about shredding methods, considering the company’s security measures and recycling policies, and getting quotes from multiple companies, businesses and individuals can make an informed decision and choose a shredding service that meets their needs and budget.

I had a storage room full of old medical documents that needed to be shredded on the weekends. Neighborhood Parcel was very responsive and had the lowest rates I could find in Boston. The driver was friendly, kind and very helpful. He emptied the room in a record times and the proce was exactly was I was quoted. No bait and switch. This is why I am writing to recommend your service

Dr. Molina | Newton MA

When my parents passed, I inherited a basement and an attic full of their old documents. I did not feel right about trashing their bank statements and financial records so I hired Neighborhood Parcel that was highly recommended on Google and Yelp! The company earned their reputation and met all my expectations for secure handling of these sensitive records. I am happy to gve them 5-stars for service.

Luis Santos | Waltham MA

How Much Should You Pay For Shredding Service In Boston MA

The cost of shredding services in the Boston MA area and Southern New Hampshire can vary depending on a number of factors, including the volume of documents to be shredded, the type of shredding service, and the location of the business or individual. For example, a one-time shredding service for a small volume of documents may be less expensive than a recurring shredding service for a larger volume of documents. At Neighborhood Parcel, our shredding rates are not a secret, we proud ourselves in being transparent and honest about our fees. So, we have them posted online for your review here.

To determine the cost of shredding services, it’s a good idea to contact multiple companies and get quotes for their services. Most companies will provide a quote based on the volume of documents to be shredded and the type of service needed. Often these rates are designed to lure you in then you will be exposed to a garage of hidden fees and surcharges. By comparing quotes from multiple companies, businesses and individuals can determine the average cost of shredding services in their area and make an informed decision. If you have no time to waste in these quote requests, you can simply call us and you will be impressed with our Flat rates that starts from 89¢ /Lbs!

Best Document Shredding Service In Boston MA
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Linda Thomas | Belmont MA

I agree with the above reviews, this company made the shredding of my personal documents and clearing of my garage space. They came as expected and picked up my old documents. It was much cheaper than spending money on a useless paper shredder from Staples and spending my weekends in front of it. You cannot go wrong with their 89¢ /Lbs!

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