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October 2, 2011 in Media Destruction, Our Services, X-Ray Destruction

X-Ray Medical Files Destruction Service

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X-ray shredding service you can trust! Boston area Healthcare professionals and businesses today are faced with an ever-growing responsibility to keep their patient’s personal information private and comply with State and Federal Mandates. This responsibility remains even after healthcare records and X-rays are no longer needed. Faced with new and ever stricter regulations, it’s important for Boston, Cambridge, Worcester, and Lowell MA area healthcare organizations to have constant access to a safe and secure company to handle their file shredding and x-ray destruction.

All old X-rays and Medical PHI documents are protected by HIPAA. You will need to be careful when handling these documents and have a written plan of how to discard the old medical charts and patient records.

Medical Files Protection Laws

The number of laws regulating the security of information is steadily growing. Just a few of the laws that apply include:

  • The Privacy Act of 1974
  • Supreme Court Case “California vs. Greenwood ’98”
  • The Economic Espionage Act of ’96
  • The Health Information Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) of ’96 (date for compliance ended April of ’03)
  • The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of ’99
  • And the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of ’02

Luckily for healthcare businesses in the Lowell, Andover, Boston, Lynn, and Worcester Massachusetts areas, there’s a company that can safely and securely handle all of your shredding needs, including paper, plastic, and x-ray destruction!

For years, my medical office was doing the shredding in-house. We thought it was the only option and that we were saving money. Boy, were we wrong! A client suggested hiring a shredding service like yours that is HIPAA compliant and I am very glad that I did. My office shredder was taking up my office space and the noise was unbearable! Your driver came in and hauled our medical files quickly and the invoice was very fair. Big thanks for helping me regain my office space and not interrupting my daily business.

Dr. Preston | Brookline MA

Our Company provides the Only Solution You’ll Ever Need for patients and X-ray Destruction service.
No longer will your company have to find (and schedule) multiple companies to handle your paper and x-ray destruction and your inactive document storage. With Neighborhood Parcel Shredding service you can have all of your paper shredding and X-ray destruction handled by the same safe, dependable, and reliable people!

Shredding X-ray And Medical Charts

Paper shredder Boston MA

When you rely on us to handle your secure document and X-ray destruction, you’ll be provided with the options that you need. Things like:

  • Low Flat Rates that won’t bankrupt your budget.
  • Off-Site Destruction. By having your document and x-ray destruction handled off-site in our secure and monitored facility, you can rest assured of your information’s safety while enjoying a lowered cost.
  • Employee and Driver Background Checks. Because we understand the need for peace of mind, all of our employees and drivers have met stringent background checks and standards.
  • Annual Purges. For those of you who are moving sites or clearing out rooms and need a one-time solution, we are trained to offer flexible destruction methods that provide you with everything you need to get the job done, whether drop-off or off-site.
  • Notarized Certificates of Destruction. Need documentation of a medical document or x-ray destruction job? No problem! Certificates of Destruction are available¬†often on the same day!

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